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Consumer Data
Consumer Contact Centre
Consumer credit - high-cost short-term credit lending data
Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) baseline report
Financial Lives
Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) refunds and compensation
Data Bulletin
Firm and markets data
Cash savings: Sunlight remedy  Compensation statistics Complaints
Current account services General Insurance value measures - pilot Hedge Fund survey
Interest rate hedging products (IRHP) List of societies cancelled Mortgage lending statistics
Mortgage market Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) refunds and compensation Position limits for commodity derivative contracts
Product sales data Retail Mediation and Activities Return (RMAR) Retirement Income Market
Short Positions Small Registered UK Alternative Investment Funds Managers (AIFMs) Suspicious Transactions & Order Reports
Performance and Operational Data
Allowances and expenses Annual Anti-money Laundering Report Annual Competition Report
Annual Diversity Report Approved persons Attestations
Building an inclusive culture Complaints against FCA Consumer Credit Authorisations
Enforcement annual performance account Event costs Financial promotions
Fines Firm feedback survey Firms we regulate
Freedom of information requests Hospitality and gifts log Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Service Standards Skilled Persons Reports  

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Consumer data

Consumer Contact Centre

The consumer contact centre is the main point of contact for consumers of financial services firms who want to interact with the FCA; it handles more than 100,000 contacts a year. The data shows that consumers contact the regulator about a wide range of financial products and for a variety of reasons.

Data Bulletin: February 2017 - consumer contact centre

Data Bulletin: May 2015 - FCA contact centre

Consumer credit - high-cost short-term credit lending data

We highlight findings about the high-cost short-term credit (HCSTC) market, drawing on both the regulatory return data and our Financial Lives Survey 2017.

View the data

Financial Lives Survey

Financial Lives is our first large-scale tracking survey of UK consumers and finance in the UK. It reveals a wealth of information about different types of consumer and their experiences of financial products and services.

We conduct the survey every two years and publish reports on different parts of the data.

View the latest Financial Lives data

Understanding the Financial Lives of UK adults (PDF)

The Financial Lives of consumers across the UK (PDF)

Raw data is available from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC)

Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) baseline report

We have identified a range of indicators which have been designed to give us a snapshot of the
market for financial advice and establish a baseline, allowing us to monitor developments and
assess at a high level the impact of the FAMR recommendations, when conducting a review of the
outcomes of FAMR, planned for 2019. 

Some sources of the indicators are already available on a regular basis, such as the Financial Lives Survey, our Retail Mediation and Activities Return (RMAR) and complaints data.

View the FMAR baseline data

Data Bulletin

Our Data Bulletins used to provide insight into the different data that we collect and use – from data about the markets we regulate, consumer behaviour and our own operations. Content previously published in Data Bulletins will be published on the Data section, but not as Data Bulletins.

View the previous issues

Firm and markets data

Cash savings: Sunlight remedy

We published three reports into cash savings account rates under our sunlight remedy, these data followed on from our cash savings market study. This remedy aims to bring to light firms’ strategies towards their longstanding consumers. The data display the lowest interest rates available on open and closed easy access savings accounts and easy access cash ISAs as at 1 October 2015, 1 April 2016 and 1 October 2016. 

Compensation statistics

There have been failings in the sales of payment protection insurance (PPI) and interest rate hedging products (IRHPs). We require firms that are paying redress for PPI and IRHP to send us certain information, which we use to monitor their progress in reviewing cases and compensating affected consumers.

Data Bulletin: October 2014 - Compensation statistics


All regulated firms that come under DISP (Dispute Resolution Sourcebook) report their complaints data to us on a half yearly basis. Smaller consumer credit firms report on an annual basis. We publish two different types of data: at firm level for individual firms and total figures for the industry as a whole.

We publish the complaints data every six months.

View the latest complaints data

View previous complaints data

Future edition publication dates 

H2 2021 data: 20 October 2022

H1 2022 data: 27 April 2022

Current account services

Current account providers are publishing better information about the services they offer consumers and small businesses. This follows action by the FCA and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), and a voluntary commitment by banks and building societies.

This information helps consumers and small businesses find the right service for them, get the most out of it, and get help if things go wrong. It will also help others such as comparison services and the media to compare current accounts.

FCA mandated and voluntary information on current account services

Current account services providers' links

General Insurance value measures - pilot

In our general insurance add-ons market study we found that consumers find it difficult to assess value due to the lack of a commonly available measure. To help address these issues we piloted the publication of value measures data, including claims frequencies, claims acceptance rates and average claims pay-out by insurer and product for four general insurance products. Both UK and EEA insurers have been included in the pilot.

We publish these data annually. 

View the latest General Insurance value measures data

Hedge Fund survey

We collected data from hedge funds and hedge fund managers to inform our supervisory activity, with the aim of ensuring markets work well and of promoting market integrity. Our report outlines the key findings resulting from our data analysis of the hedge fund industry.

View the hedge fund survey 2015 (PDF)

Interest rate hedging products (IRHP)

In 2012, we identified failings in the way that some banks sold structured collars, swaps, simple collars and cap products, which we collectively refer to as IRHPs. The banks involved agreed to review their sales of IRHPs made to unsophisticated customers since 2001. 

View the IRHP review

List of societies cancelled

Societies must submit a completed annual return and accounts to us for each year that the society is on the Mutuals Public Register. We publish a list of societies that have had their registration cancelled for failing to submit an annual return and accounts.

We publish this list annually.

View the latest list of societies cancelled

Mortgage lending statistics

All regulated mortgage lenders and administrators are required to submit a Mortgage Lending and Administration Return (MLAR) each quarter to the FCA and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), providing data on their mortgage lending and mortgage administration activities.

We jointly publish these statistics with the PRA quarterly.

View the latest mortgage lending statistics

Previous mortgage lending statistics

Next edition

The next edition will be published on 13 September 2022. Provisional dates will be confirmed or revised no later than a week before.

Mortgage market

We published analysis on trends in regulated mortgage lending market. We show high level trends in regulated mortgage lending drawn from the regular data that we collect and publish via our two main mortgage datasets: Product Sales Data (PSD) and the Mortgage Lenders and Administrators Return (MLAR). 

Data Bulletin: December 2017 - latest trends in regulated mortgage lending

Data Bulletin: October 2014 - Mortgage market 

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) refunds and compensation

We provide monthly figures on refunds and compensation paid to customers who have complained about PPI.

View latest PPI redress figures

Position limits for commodity derivative contracts

MiFID II requires that we set limits on the maximum size of positions which a person can hold in commodity derivatives. The limits apply to contracts traded on trading venues and their economically equivalent OTC (EEOTC) contract. We list some of the commodity derivative contracts that we have currently identified as trading on a UK trading venue and its applicable position limit.

View position limits for commodity derivative contracts

Product sales data

Product providers are required to provide us with transaction level data on all sales of regulated mortgage contracts, retail investment products and certain pure protection products to retail and private customers. This covers direct sales by firms' own sales forces and sales made via intermediaries.

Product sales data are published annually. 

Future edition publication date

PSD 2020: 29 June 2021 (to be confirmed)

View the latest product sales data

Data Bulletin: December 2017 - latest trends in regulated mortgage lending

Retail Mediation and Activities Return (RMAR)

The RMAR is a return that is submitted to us by firms who provide financial advice, mortgage and general insurance advice. Firms are required to report at minimum twice yearly based on their Accounting Reference Date (ARD).

We provide an analysis of the intermediary sector, based on the RMAR data, annually.

View the latest RMAR data

Retirement Income Market

We have been collecting data on the retirement income market since the pension freedoms in April 2015. These data are usually published in the Data Bulletin and look at the latest trends in the retirement income market since the introduction of pension freedoms. Our analysis focuses on the different ways both new and existing customers access their pension pots and how they use regulated advisers.

View the latest retirement income market data

Sector Views

We need a view of how the financial system works as a whole, as well as within its individual sectors and markets. To develop this view, we divide the system into sectors and monitor them continuously. Our Sector Views bring our collective intelligence together and give an overall FCA view of how each sector is performing.

We publish Sector Views annually.

View the latest Sector Views

Short Positions

The Short Selling Regulation (SSR) introduced a private and public notification regime for investors who hold net short positions in certain financial instruments. The SSR means companies may have to notify us of positions that are private or are to be disclosed publicly.

We publish the data daily.

See the public short positions disclosed to us - daily (XLS)

Small Registered UK Alternative Investment Funds Managers (AIFMs)

Under Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), ​​​fund managers must be authorised (full scope AIFM) or registered if they manage AIFs with assets under management below certain thresholds. We publish a register of Small Registered UK AIFMs.

Register of Small Registered UK AIFMs

Suspicious Transactions & Order Reports

Firms and individuals professionally arranging or executing transactions in certain financial instruments, and operators of a trading venue, must report suspicious transactions and orders (STORs) to us without delay.

We publish the number of suspicious transaction and order reports we received annually.

View the latest STORs

FCA Performance and Operational Data

Allowances and expenses

A summary of the allowances and expenses claimed by our Chairman and executive members of the Board, from April 2013 onwards, in relation to their roles as our representatives.

We publish this information quarterly.

View allowances and expenses

Annual Anti-money Laundering Report

The UK financial system is a major global hub that attracts investment from across the world. However, its size and openness also make it attractive to criminals seeking to hide the proceeds of crime among the huge volumes of legitimate business. The report explains how we have sought to achieve our Anti-money Laundering (AML) objectives in the last year. 

View our latest Annual Anti-money Laundering

Annual Competition Report

The competition report, published alongside our Annual Report and Accounts, reflects how critical competition is to our work and across our operations. It also demonstrates how important effective competition is for every user of financial services in the UK. 

View our latest Annual Competition Report

Annual Diversity Report

We’re continuing to create a diverse and inclusive place to work where people can come into the office each day knowing they can be themselves. This is an important part of life at the FCA as we know our differences make us stronger and a more effective regulator. This report highlights the progress we are making and where we are going next.

View our latest Annual Diversity Report

Approved persons

To help us ensure that everyone who has significant influence or deals with customers is fit and proper, we require them to be approved by us. We look at the number of applications for significant influence and customer dealing functions. 

Data Bulletin: January 2015 - Approved persons

Data Bulletin: May 2015 - Approved persons


Attestations are a tool that we use to ensure that firms are focused on resolving specific issues. We provide an update on attestation statistics, including breakdowns by firm categories and sectors. 

Data Bulletin: May 2015 - attestations (PDF)

Data Bulletin: June 2016 - update on attestations (PDF)

Building an inclusive culture

We published an infographic with FCA diversity and inclusion statistics.

View infographic

Complaints against FCA

The Financial Services Act 2012 requires the FCA, the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Bank of England to have in place arrangements for the investigation of complaints against them. 

Data Bulletin: June 2016 - complaints against the FCA

Find out more

Consumer Credit Authorisations

We published updates on the authorisation process for consumer credit firms. These included key performance indicators and information about how we performed.

Data Bulletin: June 2016

Data Bulletin Supplement: Consumer Credit Authorisations - April 2016

Data Bulletin: February 2016

Data Bulletin: October 2015

Data Bulletin: January 2015 - Spotlight on authorisations

Enforcement annual performance account

The Enforcement Annual Performance Account is our annual assessment of whether we are operating fairly and effectively in investigating suspected misconduct and in bringing criminal, civil and administrative proceedings where it is appropriate to do so.

View our latest Enforcement annual performance account

Event costs

Overall approximate costs for public events that we organise and publicise, from April 2013 onwards.

View event costs

Financial promotions

We publish statistics about how we review and act on certain financial promotions.

Data Bulletin: January 2015 - financial promotions (PDF)

Data Bulletin: June 2016 - update on financial promotions (PDF)


We publish tables with information about fines published during each calendar year.

View 2019 fines

Firm feedback survey

The FCA and Practitioner Panel joint survey is sent annually to a sample of the firms that we regulate. It gives firms an opportunity to provide their views on how we regulate the industry.

We publish this survey annually.

View the latest firm feedback survey (PDF)

Firms we regulate

We published an overview of the different firms we regulate broken down by type, region/area and classification. More information about the sectors we regulate and firms in them is available in our Sector Views.

Data Bulletin: October 2014 - The firms we regulate

Freedom of information requests

Under the Freedom of Information Act we answer requests from the general public and other stakeholders regarding the data we hold. We published some information on the areas that we frequently receive requests about and that we believe are of wider public interest.

Data Bulletin: October 2014 - Freedom of information requests

Freedom of information: Disclosure log

Hospitality and gifts log

A log of hospitality and gifts received by the FCA’s Chairman and Executive Members of the FCA Board, estimated at a value of £30 or more, from October 2015 onwards.

View our hospitality and gifts log

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

To enable transparency and as part of our journey to become operationally excellent, our KPIs provide key metrics on the performance of the FCA’s Authorisations Division.

We publish our KPIs quarterly.

View the latest KPIs

Service Standards

Our aim is to serve the public interest by improving the way the UK financial system works and how firms conduct their business. We have important standards for this work. These reflect how timely and effective of our interactions with firms, consumers, and others have been. We list these ‘service standards’ and how well we have performed against them. 

Prior to 2018, we published our Service Standards every six months, however in July 2018 we decided to publish on an annual basis going forward. We believe that this offers better value for money. It also improves the efficiency of our reporting, for example reducing duplication (a number of standards are also reported our quarterly Authorisations KPI’s).

View the latest service standards

Skilled Persons Reports

We have the power to obtain a view from a third party (a ‘skilled person’) about aspects of a regulated firm's activities if we are concerned or want further analysis.

Once a quarter we publish information on how often we commission skilled person reviews.

View the latest skilled person reports

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