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  1. CP18/34: Regulatory fees and levies: policy proposals for 2019/20

    Consultation papers Published: 15/11/2018 Last modified: 15/11/2018
    This paper sets out our proposed policy changes to the way that we will raise FCA fees from 2019/20. It is part of our annual cycle of consultation on fees.
  2. CP18/33: Regular premium PPI complaints and recurring non-disclosure of commission – feedback on CP18/18, final guidance, and consultation on proposed mailing requirements

    Consultation papers Published: 07/11/2018 Last modified: 07/11/2018
    This paper publishes guidance that clarifies our expectations about the handling of certain regular premium PPI complaints. It also proposes new rules that would require firms (CCA lenders, and PPI sellers) to write to certain consumers whose previous PPI complaints they had rejected, to tell them they can make a new complaint about non-disclosure...
  3. CP18/32: Recovering the costs of the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money-laundering Supervision (OPBAS): proposed fee rates for 2018/19

    Consultation papers Published: 18/10/2018 Last modified: 25/10/2018
    We are consulting on the fee-rate we propose to charge professional body supervisors (PBSs) in 2018/19 to recover the costs of establishing and running the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (OPBAS). We are also consulting on the timetable for reporting data in the future and confirming the minimum fee structure. This...
  4. CP18/31: Increasing the award limit for the Financial Ombudsman Service

    Consultation papers Published: 16/10/2018 Last modified: 18/10/2018
    We are consulting on increasing the Financial Ombudsman Service’s (‘the ombudsman service’) award limit, which sets the amount of compensation the ombudsman service can require financial services firms to pay when it upholds a complaint against them.
  5. CP18/29: Temporary permissions regime for inbound firms and funds

    Consultation papers Published: 10/10/2018 Last modified: 10/10/2018
    The temporary permissions regime will allow EEA firms and funds to continue regulated business in the UK, if the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 without an implementation period in place. This consultation paper sets out how we expect the regime to work in practice, how firms and funds can enter it, how long it will operate for, and the rules we...
  6. CP18/28: Brexit: proposed changes to the Handbook and Binding Technical Standards – first consultation

    Consultation papers Published: 10/10/2018 Last modified: 25/10/2018
    In this paper, we publish our proposals on how we will amend our Handbook and EU derived binding technical standards (BTS) if the UK leaves the EU without an implementation period in place. We also set out our proposed approach to EU non-legislative material such as Level 3 Guidelines and Q&As.
  7. CP18/26: Claims management companies: applying the Senior Managers and Certification Regime to claims management companies

    Consultation papers Published: 20/09/2018 Last modified: 20/09/2018
    This paper sets out our proposals for applying our Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) to claims management companies (CMCs).