We regulate 8 benchmarks specified in legislation by HM Treasury. The EU Benchmarks Regulation entered into force on 30 June 2016 and will fully apply from 1 January 2018, when it will bring a much wider range of benchmarks into regulation.

Benchmarks help to set prices, measure performance, or work out amounts payable under financial contracts in a wide range of markets.

We help shape thinking on how to regulate financial benchmarks through our work with international regulatory bodies and domestic UK regulation.

We regulate 8 key benchmarks and can fine firms and ban individuals where we find attempted benchmark manipulation - find out more about the benchmarks we regulate and our powers.

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We have an objective to ensure that markets work well. Key benchmarks are used across the globe, so it is vital that regulators take coordinated steps to improve market integrity.

We are working with HM Treasury and the Bank of England on European-wide rules for benchmarks, and domestic reforms led by the UK Fair and Effective Markets Review.

We will also continue to engage with global regulatory groups, and co-chair the work of the International Commission of Securities Regulators (IOSCO) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) on benchmarks.