Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Information for firms on coronavirus response

Coronavirus – Temporary financial relief for customers: proposed guidance

Overdrafts and coronavirus: draft guidance for firms

Credit cards and coronavirus: draft guidance and rules for firms

Personal loans and coronavirus: draft guidance for firms

Respond to these consultations before 9am on Monday 6 April 2020

High-cost credit

Consumer credit – the customer journey

We are committed to ensuring the consumer credit market works well and meets customers’ needs so we have created 4 short videos that explain some of the key things we expect firms to do:

These videos are primarily aimed at consumer credit lenders and brokers, but will also be helpful to all firms operating in the consumer credit market.

In focus

High-cost credit and consumer credit

We summarise the action we have taken to protect consumers since we took on the regulation of consumer credit in 2014.

Predicting who will suffer financial distress

We look at the prevalence of financial distress and how it relates to consumer credit use

Jargon buster

Find out about some of the terms we use in the regulation of consumer credit.

Credit card market study

Read the results of this study into one of the largest consumer credit markets we regulate.

Live & Local

Our 2019/20 regional programme for firms