Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Information for firms on coronavirus response

Including the SM&CR, regulatory change, impact on customers and operational resilience.

Support for credit card, overdraft and personal loans customers

Support for users of these consumer credit products if they are still experiencing temporary payment difficulties due to coronavirus.

Support for motor finance and high-cost credit customers

Temporary measures covering motor finance and high cost credit agreements including: high-cost short-term credit (including payday loans), buy-now pay-later, rent-to-own and pawnbroking.

Consumer credit – the customer journey

We are committed to ensuring the consumer credit market works well and meets customers’ needs, so we have created 4 short videos that explain some of the key things we expect firms to do:

These videos are primarily aimed at consumer credit lenders and brokers, but will also be helpful to all firms operating in the consumer credit market.

In focus

Relending by high-cost lenders

We highlight concerns when credit firms allow repeat borrowing.

Peer-to-peer lending

Read our package of new rules and guidance to improve standards in the sector.

High-cost credit work

Summary of the action we have taken to protect consumers since we took over regulation in 2014.

Credit information market

Find out about our market study, which is examining how the credit information market operates and the impact it has on consumers.