RegData will be our new data collection platform for gathering regulatory data from firms. It will replace our current system Gabriel and make it easier for firms to submit their data.

Moving your firm from Gabriel to RegData

All 52,000 firms that provide regular regulatory submissions in Gabriel will need to use RegData in the future.

We will begin the process of moving firms and individuals over to RegData when it launches, and we'll do this in stages. We'll communicate with your firm directly and in good time to let you know when you're moving to RegData.

Before you move

Before your moving date, check that you have:

  • up-to-date contact details in Gabriel
  • nominated the correct principal user and assigned administrator rights correctly in Gabriel
  • accurate information in Gabriel about all other active users – with any non-active users disabled

Until we move you to the new platform, please continue to use Gabriel as normal, using your existing Gabriel login details.

If you haven't registered for RegData yet, you'll need to complete a one-off registration process the next time you log into Gabriel.

What's new in RegData

As with Gabriel, you can use the RegData system to:

  • submit regulatory data
  • view a tailored schedule of your reporting requirements
  • view all your submissions in one place
  • print data items

However, RegData is built with more flexible technology so we can fix issues faster and continue to improve the user experience.

All your past Gabriel submission data will be made available on the new platform.

RegData is central to our Data Strategy which helps us better understand markets and consumers, and identify, appropriately intervene and remediate issues to minimise harm.

Help and support

Once RegData has launched, we'll provide user guides and explainer videos to guide you through every aspect of the system.

We will also publish technical guides and the details of any system upgrades.

Accessing RegData

We recommend you have:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or above (free download)
  • Google Chrome
  • a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels

Data items

The data items you submit won't change in RegData – you'll just complete your submission in the RegData system instead of Gabriel. We've already published guidance on how to complete some of the most common data items in Gabriel, such as financials or client money and asset returns, which will remain the same for RegData.

We've also published data reference guides for Gabriel which will remain the same for RegData.