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We publish a wide range of publications: consultations, policy papers, decision-making documents, research and other useful information. Find out more about the types of documents available.

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Corporate documents

Our Mission

Our Mission explains our approach to regulation. It sets out the framework for the strategic decisions we make and how we choose the tools to carry out our work. 

Annual Report and Accounts

Our Annual Report and Accounts shows how we have performed against our objectives in the last year.

Business Plan

Our Business Plan sets out our priorities for the coming year, as well as our Risk Outlook which covers actual and emerging risks that affect financial services more widely.

Competition Report

Our Competition Report summarises the activities we undertake to promote competition, and provides further insight into competition in selected markets.

Sector Views

Our Sector Views describe the sectors we regulate and important issues and developments we see across them.

Impact assessments

We publish impact assessments as required under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015. These look at changes we make that impose a requirement, set standards, or give or amend guidance for businesses. The impact assessments are verified by the Regulatory Policy Committee.

Policy and guidance

Policy Statements

A Policy Statement (PS) follows a CP once the consultation period is over and we have considered the responses.

In a PS we publish our response to the answers we received to the original CP questions and set out our rules. The PS contains the final legal instrument (Handbook rules).

Finalised Guidance

Finalised Guidance sets out the feedback to the guidance consultation and the final guidance.

Consultation Papers

In our Consultation Papers (CPs) we consult on proposed changes to the FCA Handbook rules. We outline our proposals, ask questions and invite responses from our varied audiences, including the financial services industry and consumer organisations. CPs contain draft Handbook rules.

Guidance Consultations

In Guidance Consultations we consult with firms on proposed non-Handbook guidance.

Feedback Statements

A Feedback Statement (FS) provides an overview of the key messages from a Discussion Paper or a call for inputs.

Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers (DPs) focus on a particular topic or area of interest. The main aim of a DP is to create a conversation or debate the issue.

Calls for Input

A Call for Input gives interested parties an opportunity to identify areas within a sector which could be improved in the interests of consumers, or highlight areas where competition is working well.

Research and data


We publish a wide range of data, including the data we collect from regulated firms, data regarding consumer experiences, data on the FCA and more, as well as data supporting the FCA Data strategy.  

Market Studies

Market Studies are our main tool for examining competition issues in financial markets. As part of a market study, we publish interim findings and final findings. We may also publish supplementary documents such as supporting research reports, related Occasional Papers and Discussion Papers. Find out more about how we conduct market studies.

Thematic Reviews

Thematic Reviews assess a current or emerging risk relating to an issue or product across a number of firms within a sector or market. They can be focused on both discovering what is going on and our suggestions for how the issue is tackled. We may also follow up thematic work with other reviews.

Multi-Firm Reviews

Multi-firm reviews look at a particular risk or knowledge gap in a specific set of firms and are a key element of proactive supervision for portfolio firms. They do not seek to mitigate a risk across an entire market, but the findings may be communicated to the entire marketplace and used to drive improved behaviours. Multi-firm work is usually carried out over a shorter period of time than thematic work and can result in rule changes, if that is considered to be appropriate.

Occasional Papers

We are committed to encouraging debate on all aspects of financial regulation and to creating rigorous evidence to support our decision-making. As part of this, we publish a series of Occasional Papers, extending across economics and other disciplines.

Occasional Papers contribute to the debate on specific issues relevant to our work and should make substantial contributions to knowledge and understanding of financial regulation.

Occasional Papers contribute to the work of the FCA by providing rigorous research results and stimulating debate. While they may not necessarily represent the position of the FCA, they are one source of evidence that the FCA may use while discharging its functions and to inform its views. The FCA endeavours to ensure that research outputs are correct, through checks including independent referee reports, but the nature of such research and choice of research methods is a matter for the authors using their expert judgement. To the extent that Occasional Papers contain any errors or omissions, they should be attributed to the individual authors, rather than to the FCA.

Research Notes

To encourage debate on all aspects of financial regulation, we publish a series of Research Notes. The aim is to create rigorous evidence and support decision making. While these may not always represent the position of the FCA, Research Notes provide us with a source of evidence that helps inform our views and perform our role. 

Handbook publications

The Handbook contains the complete record of FCA Legal Instruments and presents changes made in a single, consolidated view. We also publish a number of regular documents which detail changes to the Handbook.

Quarterly Consultation Paper (QCP)

Every three months, we consult on miscellaneous minor/low profile changes to the Handbook in the QCP.

Handbook notice

Published monthly (the day after our Board meets). The Handbook notice provides an overview of instruments the FCA Board has made, summarising the changes and giving feedback on the QCP.

Policy Development Update (PDU)

We publish the PDU a week after our Board meets. It gives an update on policy documents we have published since the last PDU and an overview of forthcoming publications.

Other documents

Information sheets

Lenders must include a copy of the relevant information sheet when they send a consumer a notice that they are in arrears or default.

Final notices and decision notices

Publicly issued statements of our regulatory action against an individual or company.


Our website includes an archive of  some Financial Services Authority (FSA) and older publications (from before 1 April 2013 – when the FSA was replaced with the FCA and the Prudential Regulation Authority).

To find all FSA publications, including the full FSA website, see the National Archives FSA archive.

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