Hospitality and gifts log

A log of hospitality and gifts received by the FCA’s Chairman and Executive Members of the FCA Board from October 2015 onwards, by Executive Committee Members from January 2021 onwards, and by Non-Executive Directors from April 2021 onwards.

The log includes hospitality and gifts received, estimated at a value of £30 or more, as set out in our Conflicts of Interests policy.

Publication will take place retrospectively on a quarterly basis.​


April to June 2021 (PDF)

January to March 2021 (PDF)


October to December 2020 (PDF)

July to September 2020 (PDF) 

April to June 2020 (PDF)

January to March 2020 (PDF)


October to December 2019 (PDF)

July to September 2019 (PDF)

April to June 2019 (PDF)

January to March 2019 (PDF)


October to December 2018 (PDF)

July to September 2018 (PDF)

April to June 2018 (PDF)

January to March 2018 (PDF)


October to December 2017 (PDF)

July to September 2017 (PDF)

April to June 2017 (PDF)

January to March 2017 (PDF)


October to December 2016 (PDF)

July to September 2016 (PDF)

April to June 2016 (PDF)

January to March 2016 (PDF)


October to December 2015 (PDF)

Page updates

27/08/2021: Information added Updated log for April to June 2021 added to include Non-Executive Directors and update to summary.