Prosecutions and cancellations

Find details of mutual societies prosecuted or cancelled for failing to submit annual returns and accounts to us.

You must send us a completed annual return and accounts for each year that your society is on the Mutuals Public Register. You must send them no later than 7 months after the end of a society’s financial year.
This applies to societies registered under the:

  • Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
  • Friendly Societies Act 1974

Fines and cancellations

If you do not send us a return by the due date your society may be prosecuted. If convicted, you may be fined up to £1,000 per offence, plus costs. 

We may cancel the registration of a society that persistently fails to send us a return. You must make sure that you send us your annual returns and accounts on time.

Cancelled or prosecuted societies

Societies that have been prosecuted or cancelled for not sending us their annual returns and accounts.

Cancellations Prosecutions
Societies cancelled in 2023 (PDF) No societies prosecuted in 2023
Societies cancelled in 2022 (PDF) No societies prosecuted in 2022
Societies cancelled in 2021 (PDF) No societies prosecuted in 2021
No societies cancelled in 2020 Societies prosecuted in 2020 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in 2019 (PDF) No societies prosecuted in 2019
Societies cancelled in 2018 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2018 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in 2017 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2017 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in 2016 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2016 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in 2015 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2015 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in 2014 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2014 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in 2013 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2013 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in March 2012 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2012 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in September 2011 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2011 (PDF)
Societies cancelled in March 2011 (PDF) Societies prosecuted in 2010 (PDF)
  Societies prosecuted in 2009 (PDF)
  Societies prosecuted in 2008 (PDF)

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