Business interruption insurance test case – Insurer claims data

Find the latest data we have collected (as of 6 April 2021) from all affected insurers on the progress of their non-damage business interruption (BI) insurance claims.

Download the data (Excel)

Please see the second tab for data published 13 April 2021 and the first tab for data published 17 March 2021. 


We sent a Dear CEO letter to insurers affected by the Test Case. The letter explained that we intended to gather information on all non-damage Business Interruption (BI) policies that are, in principle, capable of responding to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic following the Court judgments. We published this updated list of policies on 12 March 2021.

The letter also set out our intention to gather information from all affected insurers regularly on the progress of their non-damage BI claims, and to publish some of this data.

What the data includes

Insurers have submitted their first data on their progress with BI claims, relating only to claims and complaints on those non-damage BI policies which were affected by the test case, against our updated list of policies. We have decided to publish, at an individual firm level, the number of:

  • BI claims where the insurer has received all the information required to enable them to calculate the total value of the claim
  • BI claims for Covid-19 related loss that have been accepted
  • BI claims where the insurer’s decision as to whether there is a valid claim is pending
  • unsettled BI claims where an interim/initial payment has been made to the policyholder or their representative
  • BI claims where an offer of final settlement has been made, accepted by the policyholder, and paid in full

A number of firms have provided nil returns. Our request only included policies:

  1. which are, in principle, capable of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. which do not represent contracts of large risk
  3. where more than five claims have been made

which means those insurers with a ‘nil return’ did respond to the FCA’s request, but don’t have any policies within the scope of the data request.

The aggregate value of the interim/initial payments made for the 2,898 (3 March: 2,030) unsettled claims where such payments have been made is £247,689,535 (3 March: £192,084,302). The aggregate value of the payments made for the 10,772 (3 March: 8,177) claims where final settlements have been agreed and paid is £352,101,391 (3 March: £279,823,468). This means that (at the point of this information submission) 13,670 (3 March: 10,207) BI policyholders out of the 35,438 (3 March: 21,140), who had had claims accepted, had received at least an interim payment.

The information reported is as submitted to us and reflects the firms’ records of the numbers of claims meeting the criteria specified in our information request, and of the values of interim/initial payments and final settlements made as reported to us at 6 April 2021.

We noted some insurers may have reached different conclusions on whether similar policies are, in principle, capable of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is particularly the case for policies which require the policyholder to prove the presence of coronavirus at the premises. This may affect the number of accepted and pending claims that some insurers have reported. We will work with relevant insurers to ensure consistency in future reporting and will gather and publish this data each month.

The claims numbers reported as those where the insurer has received all the information needed to calculate the total value of the claim reflect the insurer’s view. We remind firms of the need to handle claims promptly and fairly and to provide reasonable guidance to help a policyholder to make a claim.

Any BI policyholders who believe they may have a claim but have not yet submitted this to their insurer should do so as soon as possible in accordance with the policy document. Policyholders may also find it useful to refer to our policy checker and our guidance and statements for policyholders for more information.