FCA Board

The FCA Board holds us accountable for the way we work. Find out more about its role and meet its members.

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The Board is made up of executive and non-executive members.

Our members


The Board has several committees to which it delegates certain functions/powers, which are:

In addition, the Board is advised on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues by its ESG Advisory Committee, made up largely of external subject-matter experts. See more information on the ESG Advisory Committee.

Board minutes

The Board meets regularly and a record of its decisions is taken.

The minutes of each meeting will be published within 6 weeks of each meeting (or if no meeting is subsequently held during that period, within 2 weeks of the next meeting).

They are edited in line with the exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act and do not include any information which, in our opinion, would be against the public interest.

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