Summary of key publications

Find a list of publications from our work on high-cost credit. 



Key publication


Introduction and review of price cap

PS14/16 and FS17/2

Credit broking

Restrictions on the charging of fees for credit broking

PS14/18 and PS15/23

Price comparison websites

Rules for price comparison websites comparing HCSTC products


Debt management

Thematic review of debt management sector

TR15/8 and TR19/1

Credit Card Market Study

Credit card market study leading to measure for addressing credit card persistent debt

MS14/6 and PS18/4

Home-collected credit*

Restrictions on how repeat borrowing is initiated with stronger requirements on disclosure

Page 12, CP18/43

Catalogue credit and store cards*

Improved disclosure and stronger protections for consumers with long-term debt

Page 29, CP18/43

Rent-To-Own (RTO)*

Price cap to control both the cost of product and the charge for credit. Ban on point of sale RTO extended warranties.

PS19/6 and CP18/35

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)*

Banned the backdating of interest for partial repayments; improved disclosure



Simplified pricing and increased transparency, making overdrafts fairer and easier to manage

PS19/16CP18/42 and PS19/25


Clearer rules on assessing creditworthiness


Motor Finance

Review of the largest motor finance providers

Final report

Credit Information Market Study

New market study


CCA Review

Report to HM Treasury following a review of retained provisions

Final report

Alternatives to high-cost credit*

Report on lower-cost credit and non-credit alternatives


* These publications are linked to the High-cost Credit Review (HCCR). The review also produced the following other documents:

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