Our Approach to Authorisation

Our Approach to Authorisation
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Our Approach to Authorisation (final)
Summer 2018

Authorisation is the gateway for firms, and individuals with specific functions within those firms, that want to provide any of a broad range of financial services and products. Through authorisation and then supervision, we prevent harm from occurring by ensuring all firms meet our minimum standards and that they continue to do so as long as they are authorised.

Our Approach to Authorisation (PDF)

We want to ensure that our regulation evolves with financial services rather than holding them back, and we’re keen to understand how and when regulation can provide unnecessary barriers to new firms entering the market.

In our Approach to Authorisation we explain the purpose of, and our approach to, authorisation; the public value it delivers; and changes we are making to improve our approach. We describe how we use authorisations as a tool, primarily to prevent harm from occurring, by ensuring that all regulated firms and individuals meet common sets of minimum standards; and also to improve conduct standards and culture, and promote competition and innovation.

This publication is the next in the series of documents, following Our Future Approach to Consumers that we committed to in Our Mission, providing transparency to our activities and explaining our approach in more depth. 

Next steps

We are seeking views on a number of questions about our approach to find out if we are being clear with our approaches and what else we could be doing. 

Please send us your comments by 12 March 2018.

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You can also:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Write to: Authorisations Division, Financial Conduct Authority, 25 The North Colonnade, London, E14 5HS.
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