Early and High Growth Oversight

Find out how Early and High Growth Oversight supports firms.

Firms can face challenges in meeting their regulatory obligations in the first few years after authorisation.

Early and High Growth Oversight provides enhanced supervision for firms as they get used to their regulatory status and supports them to understand their obligations so they can meet the standards we expect as they grow. It also ensures that we can identify and address harm developing in newly authorised firms quicker.

The objectives of Early and High Growth Oversight are to:

What this means for firms 

Early and High Growth Oversight supervises up to 300 newly authorised or scaling firms. You do not need to apply to be part of Early and High Growth Oversight, we will contact you directly if you are included.

Early Oversight findings

We supervise newly authorised or scaling firms across a range of different sectors. We work with firms to help them improve their understanding of our regulatory requirements and make changes where this is needed.

We see a number of common themes among newly authorised firms we supervise:

Considerations for firms seeking authorisation

Based on our discussions with firms, the following insights may be helpful for other firms going through the authorisation process. 

  • Before and during the authorisation process, make sure you read all the relevant information and guidance we provide, for example our portfolio letters or guidance relevant to your sector or business.
  • You should register for access to our systems early on. This will ensure you are ready to comply with and submit your regulatory reporting on time. You should also familiarise yourself with your reporting schedule once it is available.
  • Once your firm is authorised, you will be subject to our rules and principles. In Early and High Growth Oversight, we expect you to engage with us openly and transparently. We also expect you to notify us if it is likely that you will not be able to fulfil your regulatory obligations.

Find out more about our authorisation process and how to apply. Firms with innovative business models can also get support through our Innovation services.

Video: financial promotions webinar

On 16 November 2022, we hosted a webinar on financial promotions, entitled 'Why getting it right matters'.

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