Change of legal status

Find out how to notify or apply to us if you're changing your firm’s legal status.

Depending on the legal structure of the previous entity and the new entity, you'll either need to submit:

  • a new authorisation application, or
  • a SUP 15 notification

Refer to the table of legal structures below to find out which one applies to you.

If you're submitting a new application

Read our main page about getting authorised and make sure you've prepared everything before you apply.

You'll also need to sign a Deed Poll declaration and cancel the previous entity's permissions.

Your customers

If you have any ongoing contractual agreements with your customers, you must:

  • contact them and agree either to amend their existing contracts, or
  • agree new contracts to take into account the change in your firm’s legal entity

Otherwise you should let your customers know about the change in the legal entity as and when you next deal with them.

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