Apply to become a consumer credit broker

If you want to engage in regulated activities as a consumer credit broker, you need to be authorised by us. Find out how to apply for authorisation.


Read everything listed below

Start with our main 'how to apply' page for all firms


Prepare your application

Include your business plan and other supporting material


Pay the application fee

You must pay this in order to apply


Submit your application

You'll do this on our Connect system

This page is for:

  • primary credit brokers (where your main business is helping customers find credit and hire agreements)
  • motor dealers
  • vets
  • dentists
  • gyms
  • golf clubs
  • other secondary credit brokers (where credit broking isn’t your main business, eg yacht brokers)
You'll need to demonstrate that you can consistently deliver good outcomes for retail consumers. Make sure you read everything below before you apply to ensure that your application goes smoothly.

What to read first

Prepare your application

You'll submit your application through our Connect system, so make sure you register.

Your application must include your:

  • application form
  • business plan
  • financial forecasts
  • other forms and supporting material relevant to your type of firm

Limited or Full Permission

You'll either have to apply for Limited Permission or Full Permission, depending on the regulated activities you engage in and the circumstances in which you carry them out.

You'll select one of these options when you start your application on Connect.

Limited Permission firms only carry out certain credit-related activities, so are subject to fewer threshold conditions (our minimum standards) than other firms. All other firms are Full Permission firms. Whether you're applying for Limited or Full Permission, the application process is the same.

Application fee

You have to pay a fee to submit your application. The fee is non-refundable.

If you're applying for:

  • Limited Permission your fee falls into pricing category 2, which will be £500
  • Full Permission your fee will be higher, and the pricing category will depend on the regulated activities you intend to carry out 

Find out more about our authorisation fees, including our pricing categories and how to pay.

Final check and submit

Before you submit everything on Connect, give it one more check to be sure you've included everything.

Our how to apply page has 3 top tips to ensure your application goes smoothly, and explains what happens after you've submitted it.

If you need more help

Please contact us on 0300 500 0597. We're open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 5pm, and Thursday 9.45am to 5pm.