Changes to application forms accessed via Connect

Find out about the forms we’re improving to make it easier for firms to submit applications and notifications via Connect.

Transforming the Authorisation Forms

Completing an application form is often a firm or individual’s introduction to regulation.

We want the experience of applying for authorisation to make the right first impression and set the right expectations of dealing with a modern, data-led regulator.

We conducted research with the firms and individuals that use our forms to understand what can be improved.

Using this feedback we’ve started reviewing and updating application and notification forms in Connect to:

  • make it quicker and easier for your firm to complete applications
  • help us capture the information we need

Please note that regulatory data and RegData returns won't be changing as part of this work.

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Form A

The first form being updated is Form A, used for Senior Management Function and Controlled Function applications. 

Find out more about the changes we’ve made to Form A.

Changes to other forms

We intend to continue making changes to other application and notification forms.  

The next form to be updated is the one for Sensitive Business Names, which will be available for testing shortly.


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