Changes to application forms accessed via Connect

Find out about the Connect forms we’re improving to make it easier for firms to submit authorisations applications.

We're reviewing and updating authorisations application forms to:

  • make it quicker and easier for your firm to apply to us for authorisation
  • help us capture the information we need

Form A public launch

The first updated form that we're launching is Form A, used for Senior Management Function and Controlled Function applications. This is one of our longest and most used forms.

Using the new Form A

When the new version of the form is ready for your firm to use, you'll get an email from [email protected]

Follow the link in the email to submit any new standalone Form A applications (ie an application which isn't related to becoming authorised for the first time, or to variations of permission or appointed representatives).

If you want more information, you can read more about using our new Form A.

At first, the new version of Form A will only be available to some types of application. However, we plan to make it available for all types of application following testing.

If you need to complete Form A as part of a related application

If you're submitting Form A as part of an application for something else (eg applying for authorisation for the first time, or for a variation of permission or appointed representative), please continue to use the old version of Form A for the time being.

Changes to Form A

We've tested and refined the new version with firms after listening to industry feedback.

Some of the changes include:

  • a helpful checklist of information you need to complete your application before you start
  • less duplication in the employment history section – if you're a solo-regulated firm, you can input 10 years of employment history instead of uploading a CV
  • improved data validation and pre-population to help you fill in your application quicker
  • the Statement of Responsibilities (SOR) is integrated into the Form A, so you don't need to complete a second application for this
  • removal of the 'Send later' function
  • improved help and guidance throughout
  • easier navigation and an improved layout

Changes to other forms

We intend to make changes to other application forms once our work on Form A is complete. Please note that regulatory data and RegData returns won't be changing as part of this work.

If you’d like to provide us with your feedback on our application forms, feel free to email us or sign up to be involved in helping us shape the future of our authorisation forms.

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