Credit rating agencies

Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) are financial services firms that issue credit ratings, which are opinions on the creditworthiness of an issuer or security. Any legal person wishing to issue credit ratings in the UK for regulatory purposes, publicly or by subscription, will need to be registered or certified with us.

Approach to Supervision 

In line with the FCA's Approach to Supervision, we supervise Credit Rating Agencies as members of a portfolio of firms that share a common business model.

In February 2022, we issued the first portfolio letter to all Credit Rating Agencies in our portfolio setting out what we expect CRAs to do to minimise risks to consumers, market integrity or competition from failures to meet regulatory requirements.

CRAs perform an integral role within global financial markets by providing opinions on the creditworthiness of a wide variety of financial instruments. Credit rating activities must be conducted in accordance with the principles of integrity, transparency, responsibility and good governance in order to ensure that resulting credit ratings used in the UK are independent, objective and of adequate quality.


We supervise CRAs according to the EU Credit Rating Agencies Regulation as amended by the CRA Regulations (EU Exit) 2019 (referred to collectively as the 'CRA Regulation').

Use of Credit Ratings in the UK

UK firms may use credit ratings in the calculation of their capital requirements and for assessing risks in investment activity. UK firms using ratings for regulatory use in the UK need to use ratings that are issued or endorsed by a UK registered or certified CRA.


Here we list the CRAs which are registered or certified with us, or otherwise entitled to offer CRA services in the UK under the Temporary Registration Regime

The list below will be updated as necessary and does not supersede the Financial Services Register.

A.M. Best Europe, Rating Services Limited 

ARC Ratings 

DBRS Ratings Limited 

Egan-Jones Ratings Company [certified]

Fitch Ratings Limited 

HR Ratings de Mexico [certified]

Kroll Bond Rating Agency UK Limited  

Japan Credit Rating Agency [certified]  

Moody’s Investors Service Limited  

S&P Global Ratings UK Limited 

Scope Ratings UK Limited 

The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 

Accessing Credit Ratings Information

The FCA publishes CRA information as well as individual credit ratings data on our Public Ratings Database (PRD). Users can search for specific credit ratings and access public press releases reported to us by regulated CRAs. 

We also make available credit rating activity and performance statistics on our Central Repository Statistics (CERES) platform. This website allows a user to view and download ratings statistics based on defined search criteria, using ratings data provided to us by regulated CRAs.

Unregulated Activities

Any firm that is carrying out credit rating activities in the UK without being registered with us is operating in breach of the CRA Regulation.

If you have any information on a firm that may be breaching the CRA regulation or are a firm that would like clarification as to whether it is engaging in credit rating activities, then please contact the Supervision Department at [email protected].

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