Consumer credit reporting

Find out more about the reporting requirements for firms authorised to carry out regulated consumer credit activities.

Once you become fully authorised we will require you to begin reporting information regularly to us online – either quarterly, 6-monthly or annually depending on the nature and size of your business.

We will use the information you provide to:  

  • support our supervisory work
  • calculate the consumer credit-related portion of your annual fees (based on your consumer credit income)

The reporting regime came into effect on 1 October 2014 and applies to all authorised firms from the date they are authorised. It does not apply to firms whilst they have interim permission.

The data you provide must not give a misleading impression of the firm. This means a firm must not:

  • omit a material item
  • include an immaterial item
  • present items in a misleading way

Scope of reporting

All data references can be found in the Handbook.

Consumer credit firms should also refer to data items and the related guidance notes.

Limited permission reporting

  • Most firms with limited permission are only required to submit data item CCR007 (Key Data).
  • For help completing the CCR007 return, read our FAQs and help text

Credit references

A firm is not required to submit any data items if the only consumer credit-regulated activity it carries out is providing credit references.

Authorised professional firms

An authorised professional firm is not required to submit the data items in SUP 16.12.29CR unless it is a client assets (CASS) debt management firm

All other authorised firms carrying out regulated consumer credit activities have to complete the data items CCR001–CCR006 regarding the activities they undertake as set out in SUP 16.12.29CR

High-cost short-term credit and home-collected credit

Firms undertaking high-cost short-term credit and home-collected credit are also required to report the product sales data set out in SUP16.11 Annex 20G and 20R.

Complaints return form

Full permission consumer credit firms are required to complete Part B 35-45 on DISP 1 Annex 1

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