Compliance reporting: banks

Find out more about reporting for banks, building societies and designated investment firms.

Most reporting for banks, building societies and designated investment firms (who are all covered by the Capital Requirements Directive) is made through the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), the prudential regulator for these firms.

Issuing capital instruments

If your firm is planning to issue a regulatory capital instrument, you should send the notification form to [email protected].

European Banking Authority remuneration data

Your firm should send its High Earners report and Remuneration Benchmarking Information report to [email protected].

Read more on the PRA’s supervision pages.

Prudent valuation

For prudent valuation reporting, in line with GENPRU 1.3.4, you should send your return to [email protected].

Reporting forms and links to guidance (PRA site)

PRA Rulebook

List of Overseas Regulators/Organisation Chart

Each year within 6 months of your firm’s accounting reference date you should send us:

  • a list of all overseas regulators for each legal entity in your firm’s group
  • an organisation chart showing the authorised entities in your firm’s group

You should send us your reports on Gabriel – your firm will receive a schedule saying which reports are due when – if you have queries you should ask your usual supervisory contact or contact us.

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