Close links

Close links requirements are part of our work to ensure firms are not used for financial crime and preserve the stability of the financial system. Find out how to report close links.

A 'close link’ is 2 or more ‘natural or legal persons’ linked by participation or control. Our rules give the full definition in Threshold Conditions (COND) 2.3.

Organisation chart

You must submit an organisation chart/organogram with every notification or report (unless you are a monthly reporter, where we only need an organisation chart every 3 months if there have been changes).

Group forms

If you are reporting on behalf of a group, please list out the firms that you are submitting the report for. You should download the 'List of Group Firms' sheet in the close links notification form (XLS, 1.13MB) or Question 2 of REP001 or REP001a.


REP001 is an annual report, set out in SUP 16.5 of the Handbook, which provides a list of all your close links. This helps us ensure that you are continuing to satisfy the effective supervision threshold condition (COND) 2.3 while ensuring appropriate protection of consumers.

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