CCR007 consumer credit data: how to complete the return

Find out how most credit firms with limited permission are required to complete the CCR007 return. On this page we provide guidance and information for firms on each question in the report.

Please note, in our ongoing consultation paper on fees, we are proposing a change to the way in which certain firms must calculate their proxy measure of annual income. This may impact data firms have submitted for question 6 of the CCR007.  If you use the proxy measure of annual income, please ensure you review question 6 below.  

This page is based on the questions in the report. It is split by the type of consumer credit permission your firm holds. Select the regulated activity relevant for your firm under each section.

Find out about the regulated activities that require limited permission and the details of the application process.

The data we collect from firms identifies trends and emerging risks and helps us to monitor compliance. The data is also used to calculate the consumer credit-related portion of your annual fees (based on your consumer credit income).  

Regulatory reporting is essential and firms not completing their reporting requirements by the due date are subject to an administrative fee of £250 – see  SUP 16.3.14 failure to submit reports

Helping you fill out the CCR007 report

6. Total annual income as defined in Fees 4 Annex 11BR for the purposes of FCA fees reporting