Interim permission: consumer credit

A firm that held an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) licence and registered for interim permission can continue carrying out consumer credit activities.

Interim permission to conduct consumer credit activities will last until a firm has completed the application process and we have granted a decision regarding authorisation, or until a firm cancels its permission. If your firm is new to consumer credit – and therefore does not have interim permission – you can apply for authorisation now.

If a firm held an OFT licence and did not register for interim permission, it cannot legally continue carrying out consumer credit activities and must stop doing so until it is authorised.

If you held an OFT licence but exited the market by 1 April 2014 you should tell us you stopped consumer credit activities.

You can see the firms that have interim permission on our Financial Services Register

Significant changes within a firm

You need to tell us if there are any significant changes within a firm that has interim permission. Please see our Connect page for more information.

For other significant changes within your firm – as set out in the supervision guide in our Handbook – you will have to use the appropriate form annexed to Chapter 15 of the Supervision module of the Handbook.

You should include your interim permission number (formerly OFT licence number) and your FCA firm reference number on this form; email it to [email protected] or post it to Customer Contact Centre, Financial Conduct Authority, 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN.