Regulated activities

Find out more about regulated activities.

The regulated UK financial activities are fully explained in Part 2 of FSMA and include:

  • accepting deposits
  • issuing e-money
  • carrying out or helping to administer insurance contracts (as a firm's principal)
  • investments: dealing in or managing (as a principal or agent), arranging deals, safeguarding and administering, advising
  • home finance: arranging, advising on, entering into and administering
  • operating a multilateral trading facility
  • sending dematerialised instructions (electronic transfer of title in investments like securities and contractually-based investments)
  • setting up collective investment schemes
  • setting up stakeholder pensions schemes
  • providing basic advice on stakeholder products
  • Lloyd's market activities
  • entering funeral plan contracts
  • agreeing to do most of the above activities

Specified investments

Regulated activities also cover specified investments, including:

  • deposits
  • e-money
  • rights under an insurance contract
  • shares
  • instruments creating or acknowledging indebtedness
  • sukuk (sharia compliant debt instruments)
  • government and public securities
  • instruments giving entitlement to investments
  • certificates representing some securities
  • units in a collective investment scheme
  • rights under a stakeholder pension scheme
  • rights under a personal pension scheme
  • options
  • futures
  • contracts for differences
  • Lloyd's syndicate capacity and syndicate membership
  • rights under funeral plan contracts, regulated mortgage contracts, home reversion plans, home purchase plans
  • rights to or interests in anything that is a specified investment, excluding 'rights under regulated mortgage contracts', 'rights under regulated home reversion plans' and 'rights under regulated home purchase plans'

You can read more about activities and investment types in the Perimeter Guidance Manual.

We have a separate specific list of approved activities for consumer credit firms.