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  1. Reporting complaints

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 06/08/2015 Last modified: 04/11/2016
    The Dispute Resolution (DISP) rules require firms to send us reports on volumes of complaints.
  2. 2013 Disclosure Log

    Last modified: 30/01/2020
    The aim of the FCA's Disclosure Log is to keep information that it has released under the Freedom of Information Act and which it thinks is of wider public interest. Find the Disclosure Log for 2013. 
  3. PPI complaints made using a claims management company

    PPI Consumers Last modified: 22/08/2020
    Find out what it means – and what it will cost you – if you chose to pay a claims company to complain on your behalf.
  4. Aggregate complaints data: 2020 H1

    Data Published: 15/12/2020 Last modified: 15/12/2020
    This page focuses on complaints that financial services firms reported to us during the first half (H1) of 2020, between 1 January and 30 June 2020. This includes the latest trends and analysis by product group.
  5. Client money and assets reporting

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 06/08/2015 Last modified: 19/10/2020
    CASS medium and large firms have to complete a CMAR each month through Gabriel
  6. Business interruption insurance

    Firms Published: 13/05/2020 Last modified: 03/03/2021
    Find out how we are seeking legal clarity on business interruption (BI) insurance during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.
  7. Sustainability

    Speeches Published: 22/07/2014 Last modified: 05/08/2014
    Interest Rate Hedging Products of over £482m, in relation to payment protection insurance (PPI) of over £4.4bn and have agreed a redress package for up to 7 million consumers potentially ... Misleading advertisements, the mis-selling of low value
  8. How to claim compensation if a firm fails

    Consumers Complaints and compensation Published: 19/04/2016 Last modified: 28/08/2020
    If you are owed money by a financial firm that goes bust, you may be entitled to compensation. Find out more.
  9. Live & Local

    Events Last modified: 05/02/2020
    We are continuing our successful FCA Live & Local regional programme in 2019/20 with a new series of events for regulated firms across the UK.
  10. Packaged bank accounts

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 12/06/2020
    Find out what you should consider before opening a packaged bank account that includes insurance products.