Firm details

Firm details (previously known as Standing Data) are basic information we hold about your firm and publish on the Financial Services Register. You can keep it up to date online using Connect.

Firm details displayed on the Financial Services Register includes your firm's registered name, trading name(s) and address details.

You should regularly check the information we hold about your firm, as you are responsible for making sure it is current and correct.

Firm details are made up of your firm’s:

  • registered name
  • trading name(s)
  • country of incorporation
  • registered office
  • principal place of business
  • website address
  • telephone number
  • the name and address of the complaints contact
  • the name and email address of the principal compliance contact
  • name and address of the firm’s auditor
  • accounting reference date

Change your firm details

You can change or update your firm details by using our online system for notifications and applications, Connect.

If you are new to Connect you will need to register on the system.

If you have registered and wish to change your firm details you should log in to Connect.

Firms registered at Companies House: if you are changing your registered firm name, legal status or financial year end, then you must have registered these changes with Companies House before you send a change of these details to us. Connect will ask you to click a ‘check Companies House’ button to match the supplied changes to data listed at Companies House.

Trading names

Firms can add genuine trading names that belong to it to the Financial Services Register. This helps firms who already, or wish to, trade under a name different from their registered company name.


Registering a trading name has no legal effect. Where no link exists between the authorised firm and the added trading name (ie the trading name is of an unauthorised firm and no appointed representative agreement exists between these two firms), this may mean that regulated activities are carried out by the unauthorised firm.

Carrying out regulated activities without authorisation may have serious consequences for the authorised firm, the unauthorised firm, intermediary and consumers with whom they have dealt. A consumer who entered a contract with or through an unauthorised firm/person may not be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Consumer detriment

Adding trading names to the Register aims to help consumers who may want to check they are dealing with a trading name of an authorised firm. But multiple trading names can become increasingly difficult for consumers where, for example, a firm has over 100 trading names on the Financial Services Register.

In light of requirements for disclosure, transparency and fair treatment of customers, adding multiple trading names may lead to disclosure statements being confusing. It may mean your firm is not fulfilling the requirement of being clear, fair and not misleading.

We also require you to request consent if you wish to use sensitive financial words (such as bank, fund and mutual) in your business name. These words may mislead customers.