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  1. Final Notice 2021: Ian Berry (trading as Motorland) [pdf]

    Final notices Published: 11/06/2021
    This final notice (Ian Berry (trading as Motorland)) refers to a failure to satisfy the Suitability Threshold Condition (COND) and a failure to notify the Authority of a change of contact details in the consumer credit sector. We imposed a
  2. UK list of exempted shares [xlsx]

    Documents Published: 11/06/2021
    Certain shares are exempt from the notification and disclosure requirements in the UK SSR if their principal venue for trading is located outside the UK.
  3. First Supervisory Notice 2021: UAB Finolita Unio [pdf]

    Supervisory notices Published: 11/06/2021
    First Supervisory Notice 2021: UAB Finolita Unio.
  4. Mortgage Lending and Administration Return (MLAR) statistics June 2021: Long run detailed tables [xlsx]

    Data Published: 08/06/2021
    Mortgage lenders and administrators submit a Mortgage Lending and Administration Return (MLAR) each quarter to the FCA and Bank of England, providing data on their mortgage lending activities. These detailed tables show Residential loans to
  5. Short positions disclosed to us [xlsx]

    Data Published: 04/06/2021 Last modified: 10/06/2021
    The Short Selling Regulation (SSR) introduced a private and public notification regime for investors who hold net short positions in certain financial instruments. This document shows the public short positions disclosed to the FCA.
  6. Directorships and other positions [pdf]

    Corporate documents Published: 02/06/2021
    Positions currently held, or held during the previous 5 years, by Board and Executive Committee members
  7. Disclosure of financial interests [pdf]

    Corporate documents Published: 02/06/2021
    Equity or bond investments held by Board and Executive Committee members (or members of their close family) in firms whose principal business is FCA regulated
  8. Handbook Notice 88 [pdf]

    Handbook Published: 28/05/2021
    This Handbook Notice describes the changes to the FCA Handbook and other material made by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Board under its legislative and other statutory powers on 27 May 2021.
  9. Research Note: Discounts, Cashbacks, and Soft Toys: The Impact of Promotions on Consumer Decisions in the General Insurance Markets [pdf]

    Research Published: 28/05/2021
    We conducted an online experiment simulating the experience of purchasing insurance, to understand how promotions could impact price comprehension and decision making in the general insurance market.
  10. Market Watch 67

    Newsletters Published: 28/05/2021 Last modified: 28/05/2021
    Newsletter on market conduct and transaction reporting issues.