Our Approach to Enforcement

Our Approach to Enforcement
Consultation closes
Our Approach to Enforcement (final)
Spring 2019
Spring 2019

The role of enforcement is to achieve fair and just outcomes in response to misconduct and to ensure our rules and requirements are obeyed.

Our Approach to Enforcement (PDF)

Through our enforcement activities, we identify and drive out behaviour that fails to meet our standards, or is dishonest or unlawful. 

The overriding principle in our Approach to Enforcement is substantive justice – to ensure we carry out investigations in a consistent and open-minded way to get the right outcomes. We decide whether to take enforcement action based on whether we believe there has been serious misconduct, considering factors such as intent to do wrong, failure to act on feedback or negligence or recklessness. In many of our cases, harm has already been caused, but early detection of an issue and intervention can prevent it from getting worse. 

This publication is the next in the series of documents that we committed to in Our Mission, providing transparency to our activities and explaining our approach in more depth. 

Next steps

We published our Approach to Enforcement for consultation in March 2018.

The consultation period has now ended. The final document will be published Spring 2019 and will include a number of small changes as well as a broader feedback statement taking into account the responses received.


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