Credit broking firms: key rules

Read the key rules for credit broking firms.

Summary of rules

Our credit broking rules affect non-fee charging and fee charging brokers. This summary is not a full list of rules that apply to credit brokers. Your firm should always check the relevant parts of the Handbook.


All credit brokers are banned from charging fees to customers, and from requesting customers’ payment details for that purpose unless they comply with our requirements:

  • Firms need to ensure customers are given clear information about who they are dealing with, what fee will be payable, and when and how the fees will be payable – known as the ‘information notice’
  • Firms also need to obtain confirmation from customers that they are aware of the information notice and its contents – known as the ‘customer confirmation’. Firms can find out more in CONC 4.4.

Correspondence with customers

All brokers need to include their legal name (as it appears in the Financial Services Register) in all advertising and all correspondence with customers, not merely their trading names. Firms can find out more in CONC 3.7.

Advertising and financial promotions

All credit brokers need to make clear in their advertising that they are brokers and not lenders; if they are both a broker and a lender, if the advertising is solely promoting its credit broking services the advertising will need to make clear that it is for the firm's broking services, not their lending services. Firms can find out more in CONC 3.7.

Distance contracts

All credit broking contracts that are distance contracts have the 14-day right of cancellation and right to a refund required by the Distance Marketing Directive. Firms can find out more in CONC 11.1.

Treating customers fairly

All credit brokers must pay regard to the interests of their customers and treat them fairly. All customer communications should be clear, fair and not misleading. Firms must ensure that their charging policy is clear and accessible. Firms should refer to The Principles.

Sharing of personal information

All credit brokers are prohibited from unfairly passing customers’ data – including payment details – to third parties, without consent or for a purpose other than that which consent was given. This is also likely to breach the Data Protection Act. Firms can find out more in CONC 2.5.

Advertising and marketing

All credit brokers’ financial promotions (including websites) must be clear, fair and not misleading. Firms must not mislead as to their identity or status. Firms can find out more in CONC 3.3.

Transparency of status

All credit brokers must make clear in financial promotions and other documents intended for customers their status, including the extent of their powers, the nature of the service they provide and any links to lenders. Firms can find out more in CONC 3.7.

Transparency of fees and commissions

Fee-charging credit brokers must disclose any fee payable at an early stage and have it agreed in writing before a credit agreement is entered into. The disclosure must include how and when the fee is payable and whether a refund may be available. Firms must also disclose their fee (if any) to the lender to enable the lender to calculate the correct APR. Firms can find out more in CONC 4.4 and CONC 4.5.


All credit brokers should respond promptly to any request for a refund, and if a refund is required, pay it promptly. Section 155 of the Consumer Credit Act entitles the customer to a refund (less £5) of any brokerage fee if a credit agreement is not entered into within six months of an introduction to a source of credit. Firms can find out more in CONC 6.8.

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