Primary credit brokers

Find out what permissions you'll need to apply to us for authorisation, and what we expect to see in your application.

This page is for:

  • primary credit brokers (where your main business is helping customers find credit and hire agreements), including
  • commercial brokers (a type of primary credit broker where you help unincorporated firms, sole traders and small partnerships find credit)

Before reading this page, please read our page for all credit broker applicants to understand:

  • our expectations of consumer credit firms
  • everything else we expect you to read before you submit your application
  • the difference between Limited Permission firms and Full Permission firms

Permissions you'll need

You'll be a Full Permission firm unless you only ever introduce individuals to:

  • consumer hire agreements
  • hire purchase agreements, or
  • Green Deal plans

in which case you can apply for Limited Permission instead.

If you've tried to determine whether you're a Limited or Full Permission firm and you're still not sure, refer to the table below which shows the permissions you may need based on the regulated activities you intend to carry out.

If you: It's likely that you'll need:
Introduce customers to third-party finance providers (including lease/hire agreements and hire purchase agreements) Full Permission Credit Broking

Introduce businesses that meet our definition of an individual to third-party finance providers

We define an individual as:

  • a sole trader, or
  • a partnership of 2 or 3 people not all of whom are bodies corporate, or
  • an unincorporated body of people which doesn't consist entirely of bodies corporate and isn't a partnership
Full Permission Credit Broking
Help customers consolidate, repay or otherwise end existing finance

Full Permission Debt Counselling

Full Permission Debt Adjusting

Help customers obtain, understand or correct information held about them by a credit reference agency Full Permission Providing Credit Information Services

What we're looking for in your application

You'll need to submit a range of supporting material as part of your application. Please check which forms to complete and the other documentation required before you start your application.

Below are some of the specific things we expect to see if you're a primary credit broker – providing this information will help you to demonstrate that you can meet our expectations.

We know we're asking for lots of information, but if you submit everything required in sufficient detail it'll help us assess and determine your application without delays.