Registration: Connect

Find out how your firm can register on Connect

Firms that are not currently authorised by or registered with us:

Authorised or registered firms:

Registered or authorised firms can register either:

1. As an approved person with a 'significant influence function' (SIF)

To register this way you must hold one of the following functions:

  • Controlled functions (CF)1, 3-11, 28 or 29
  • Senior management functions (SMF)1-8, 16-18, 19, 21 and 22
  • Senior insurance management functions (SIMF)1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 20, 22, 23

These functions - such as director, partner or compliance - relate to regulated activities. This is because part of the firm registration process includes selecting a principal user who can potentially cancel the firm's authorisation.

2. As the holder of a registration key

If your firm doesn’t have any individuals that hold the above Controlled Functions, you will need your Registration Key/Unique Identifier and Firm Reference Number (FRN). This key and FRN can be found in your authorisation email or Welcome Pack.

Managing your users

Firms should make sure that:

  • access to Connect is only given to staff that have authority to access and amend applications
  • appropriate access rights are given to your users for the functions they need on Connect
  • staff with permission to use Connect do so responsibly on their firm's behalf
  • user accounts are disabled when your users no longer need access to Connect
  • user details recorded on Connect are kept up to date. Most importantly, make sure that your email address is correct as this will be used by Connect to communicate with you

For more details about how to manage your users once you are registered and using Connect see our user management guide.