Authorisation and registration application fees

Find out how much your firm’s application fee will be to become authorised by us, or registered with us, depending on the type of application and the type of business your firm operates.

Your firm's application fee will fall into one of our 10 pricing categories – each category covers a different group of permissions.

The table below indicates the fee you're likely to pay if you're one of these common types of firm. For full details of the permissions covered by each pricing category, see further down the page.

We also explain how to pay your application fee (which is separate from the FCA annual fee).

Fees for common types of firm

Pricing categories

How to pay

You need to pay your fee via our online system Connect

  • use a credit or debit card to pay when you apply 
  • you have to pay the fee to submit an application 
  • the fee is non-refundable

Changing your FSMA permission

In some cases you need to pay a fee if you change (vary) your permission.

Find out more about variation of permission and when there's a fee to pay.

The FCA annual fee

The authorisation application fee is a one-off payment, but once authorised you will pay us a periodic fee each year. In your first year, you only pay a proportion of the fee (based on the number of months remaining in the fee year) and we contact you directly about paying this.

We're largely funded by the firms we regulate and aim to cover our costs as fairly and efficiently as possible.

Calculate your annual fee

Find out more about how we calculate our annual fees.

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