AIFM notifications

Full-scope UK Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) must tell us of material changes to the conditions for initial authorisation. Find out about the different rules and what you must do.

A change should be deemed as material if there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor, becoming aware of such information, would reconsider its investment in the AIF, including because such information could have an impact on an investor’s ability to exercise their rights in relation to investment, or otherwise prejudice the interests of one or more investors in the AIF. Firms are encouraged to assess the materiality of the change being notified against this principle.

Notify us of a material change to the conditions for authorisation

An AIFM should notify us of a material change at least one month before the change takes effect.

A material change must be notified before its implementation.

AIFs affected by other UK permissions or regimes

An AIF may be subject to rules, and an obligation to report changes, in respect of other UK permissions or regimes. Please follow the relevant link(s) for information on reporting a material change under these regimes.

How to notify us of a material change

Complete the AIFMD material change form and email it to [email protected].

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