Marketing material changes

Find out about notifying us of a change to marketing material.

    The following firms must notify us of material changes to the information provided with their marketing application:

    • full-scope UK AIFMs that market funds in the UK/EEA
    • EEA AIFMs that market funds in the UK to retail customers in accordance with regulation 54 of the HMT regulations

    Material changes include where there has been a change to the management of the fund or a change to the information provided to investors under Article 23(1).

    When to notify us of a change to marketing information

    Notify us:

    • of a planned material change at least one month before the change takes effect
    • immediately of an unplanned change

    How to notify us of a material change to the marketing of funds that you manage

    Please complete the AIFMD Marketing Notification Form and the relevant annexes indicating in the form that the submission is a notification of material change.

    Email the completed form to [email protected].

    EuVECA and EuSEF funds

    See notifying us of new funds under management.

    Funds marketed through National Private Placement Regime (NPPR)

    See notifying us of changes to NPPR Funds.