Persons responsible for conduct of business changes

AIFMs must register at least 2 people that are effectively responsible for the conduct of the business in order to be authorised as an AIFM. What to do if you need to update these.

You must notify us if you wish to amend or replace the details of these individuals.

Please immediately notify us of:

  • any event which would call into question the suitability or the fitness and probity of a currently registered responsible person
  • the change of function or removal of a previously notified person

Senior persons changes

If you are an internally managed AIF or a manager of EuSEF or EuVECA funds notifying us of changes to a Senior Person complete the Senior Person change form and email it to [email protected].

Approved persons changes

If you are a full-scope UK AIFM or Small Authorised UK AIFM and wish to notify us of changes to your approved persons or senior management functions please complete and submit a notification on Connect.

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