Policy Development Update – Issue 31

The Policy Development Update provides information on:

  • publications issued since the last edition
  • information about recent Handbook-related and other developments
  • other publications – consumer publications, guidance consultations and finalised guidance
  • an updated timetable for forthcoming publications

This month the Policy Development Update includes an updated timetable for future publications and links to:

  • Consultation Paper 16/7 Payment Accounts Regulations 2015 - draft Handbook changes and draft guidance
  • Consultation Paper 16/6 Complaints against the Regulators
  • Policy Statement 16/6 Consequential Changes to the Senior Managers Regime
  • Policy Statement 16/5 Strengthening accountability in banking and insurance: implementation of SM&CR and SIMR, and PRA requirements on regulatory references
  • Policy Statement 16/4 Fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory access to regulated benchmarks
  • Discussion Paper 16/1 Ageing population and financial services
  • Feedback Statement 16/1 Feedback Statement on DP15/4 - General insurance value measures
  • Guidance Consultation 16/2 Proposal to issue guidance on the FCA’s view of enforcing security under the Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • Handbook Notice 30 (the Handbook Notice summarises legal instruments as passed by the Board and provides feedback to those instruments consulted on in a QCP or 1* Consultation Paper)

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