CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 33

Once a quarter, we consult on proposed miscellaneous amendments to our Handbook. These tend to be minor changes but we still want to get your feedback on our proposals.

CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 33 (PDF)

What we are consulting on this quarter

We are proposing:

  • An amendment to how legal expenses insurance is reported under our value measures reporting
  • To move application forms from the Handbook
  • To amend the Handbook to reflect branding changes made by the Money and Pensions Service
  • To amend references in the Handbook due to the cessation of LIBOR
  • Consequential changes to the Prospectus Regulation Rules and Listing Rules to align with changes to prospectus regime guidance 
  • Alterations to the question and guidance notes (SUP 16 Annex 1B) for form FIN-A (Annual Report and Accounts form) 
  • To amend the TD ESEF Regulation on corporate reporting in machine-readable electronic format, which relates to our rules in DTR 4.1, to allow issuers to use a wider range of taxonomies when preparing annual financial reports for the financial years starting on or after 1 January 2021 and 2022
  • Changes to PERG to take account of the increased scope of participants permitted to bid on the UK emission trading scheme auction platform – notably, certain third country firms

Who this applies to

This will be relevant if you or your firm has any interest in the subjects mentioned above.

Next steps

This consultation has now closed. We will publish feedback on responses in a Handbook Notice once we have reviewed your comments.

Further information

For more information please view the FCA Handbook.

Page updates

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