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The policy development update provides some information on our recent and upcoming publications but should not be regarded as comprehensive. We usually update this page on the first Friday of each month – this version is current as of 10 September 2021.

Publications issued

The following publications were issued recently:

Upcoming publications

For an explanation of the modules see our Handbook Reader's Guide and for an overview of the Handbook see the structure diagram. While we aim to ensure it is accurate, the entries are not comprehensive and dates do not represent firm commitments by us. 

Some items in quarterly consultation papers may have a shorter or longer consultation period than the consultation period stated in this update.

Future publications

Intended audience


Expected date

Consultation period

Expected feedback date

PS: Restricting CMC charges for financial products and services claims  Firms carrying on claims management activities for financial products and services; firms carrying on claims management services generally; consumers; groups representing consumer interests; other regulators of claims management activity  CMCOB, PERG, CONRED, PERG, GLOSS  25 October 2021  N/A  N/A 
PS: Claims management phoenixing  Firms carrying on claims management activity on claims for financial services and products; FS firms generally; consumers; groups representing consumer interests  CMCOB, GLOSS  26 November 2021 (TBC)  N/A  N/A 
PS: Changes to UK MiFID Conduct and organisational requirements 

• Investment firms and market operators in the UK 

• Banks and Collective Investment Scheme operators providing investment services 

• Persons providing investment advice and reception and transmission of orders who did not opt into MiFID (‘Article 3 firms)

• Persons providing research that we did not authorise 

COBS  End November 2021  N/A N/A
PS LIBOR transition and the derivatives trading obligation  • Financial counterparties, like investment firms and banks, and non-financial counterparties (as defined in Article 28 of UK MiFIR) that are or could become subject to the DTO. 
also of interest to regulated trading venues, including third country trading venues that are considered equivalent for the purposes of the DTO (in line with Article 28(1)(d) of UK MiFIR), and to central counterparties (CCPs).
Technical Standards (Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation) Derivatives Trading Obligation  October/November 2021 N/A N/A 

Quarterly Consultation Papers




Expected date of feedback*

CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 33 2. General insurance value measures reporting SUP TBC
CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 33 3. Moving application forms from the Handbook SUP TBC
CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper
No 33 
4. Amendments to the Handbook to reflect branding changes by the Money and Pensions Service GLOSS, COBS, MCOB, DISP, CONC TBC
CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper
No 33
5. Proposal to amend LIBOR references in the Handbook
CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper
No 33
6. Consequential changes to the Prospectus Regulation Rules and Listing Rules to align with changes to prospectus regime guidance GLOSS, LR, PRR TBC
CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper
No 33
7. Changes to reporting requirements in the Supervision manual SUP TBC
CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper
No 33
8. Amendments to our rules on corporate reporting in machine-readable electronic format under DTR 4 TECHNICAL STANDARDS TBC
CP21/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper
No 33
9. UK Emissions Trading Scheme PERG TBC
CP21/16: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 32 2. Changes to CONC 6.7.4R CONC     TBC
CP21/16: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 32 4. Amendment to MLAR reporting instructions due to cessation of LIBOR SUP TBC
CP20/18: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 29 (September 2020) 2. Consequential changes to the Listing Rules (Chapter 8) to align with provisions for ‘exempted documents’ under the Prospectus Regulation LR TBC
CP19/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 25 (September 2019) 8: Lending Standards Board – FCA code recognition N/A TBC
CP18/24: Quarterly Consultation No. 22 (September 2018) 3: Changes to supervisory principles SUP TBC
CP16/21 Quarterly Consultation No. 14 (September 2016) 6: Mutuals' deferred shares GLOSS, COBS TBC

* Feedback to QCP consultations will publish in the Handbook Notice.

Other publications

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