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The policy development update provides some information on our recent and upcoming publications but should not be regarded as comprehensive. We usually update this page on the first Friday of each month – this version is current as of 9 April 2021.

Publications issued

The following publications were issued recently:

Upcoming publications

For an explanation of the modules see our Handbook Reader's Guide and for an overview of the Handbook see the structure diagram. While we aim to ensure it is accurate, the entries are not comprehensive and dates do not represent firm commitments by us. 

Some items in quarterly consultation papers may have a shorter or longer consultation period than the consultation period stated in this update.

Future publications

Intended audience


Expected date

Consultation period

Expected feedback date

CP on exit fees in investment platforms and comparable firms
  • Investment platforms and ‘comparable firms’ – to be defined in the CP, and may include:
  • asset and wealth managers,
  • personal pension operators
  • fund managers, life insurers and other product providers, where they offer consumers direct access to their products
COBS 2021 3 Months 2021
FCA regulated fees and levies: rates proposals 2021/22 Fee-payers paying FCA fees, Financial Ombudsman Service, Money and Pensions Service, Devolved Authorities and Illegal Money Lending levies. GLOSS, FEES April 2021 6 weeks  July 2021

Quarterly Consultation Papers




Expected date of feedback*

CP21/5: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 30 2. Amendments to the Compensation sourcebook GLOSS, COMP TBC
CP21/5: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 30 3. Changes to the Training and Competence sourcebook TC TBC
CP20/18: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 29 (September 2020) 2. Consequential changes to the Listing Rules (Chapter 8) to align with provisions for ‘exempted documents’ under the Prospectus Regulation LR TBC
CP19/27: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 25 (September 2019) 8: Lending Standards Board – FCA code recognition N/A TBC
CP19/19: Quarterly Consultation Paper No 24 (June 2019) 2: Gibraltar-based firms – fees and levies FEES TBC
CP18/24: Quarterly Consultation No. 22 (September 2018) 3: Changes to supervisory principles SUP TBC
CP16/21 Quarterly Consultation No. 14 (September 2016) 6: Mutuals' deferred shares GLOSS, COBS TBC

* Feedback to QCP consultations will publish in the Handbook Notice.

Other publications

Major policy initiatives may have their own dedicated sections on our website and their progress will not be recorded here. Check under the firms and markets sections of this site.

Consumer publications

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