Reporting requirements: mutual societies

Find out what regulated mutual societies, including credit unions, need to report, including annual controllers reports, annual returns and valuation returns.

Annual controllers report

You must send us an annual controllers report once a year, within 4 months of your accounting reference date (the last day in your financial year).

This must contain information about all your controllers.

You can send a single report containing information on all societies in a group.

Find out more about what the annual controllers report should contain.


You don’t need to send an annual controllers report if your society doesn’t have a controller and is one of the following:

  • friendly society
  • building society

Insurers also don’t need to send an annual controllers report.

Financial year-ends

If your financial year ends before 31 December 2015, you must send either:

If your financial year ends after 31 December 2015, you must either:

  • send your details using Gabriel (our online reporting system)  
  • send the information in another format (like an organisation chart)

Where to send the controllers report

You can:

Credit unions: quarterly and annual returns

Credit unions must send a:

  • quarterly return (form CQ) within a month of the end of the quarter detailed in the report
  • annual return (form CY) within 6 months of your financial year-end

Before you send your returns

Before you send your returns, check they are valid using:

Where to send your returns

You can send your returns by:

Regulatory Data Group, Statistics and Regulatory Data Division (TS05 B-D), Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH

Contact for credit unions reporting

Problems using Gabriel

Telephone: 0300 500 0597

Friendly societies: regulatory reports

Depending on whether they’re subject to EU life and non-life directives, friendly societies are known as:

  • directive (these are usually larger and need to report in the same way as insurance companies)
  • non-directive (these are usually smaller and their insurance business is restricted)

What you need to report depends on the type of your society.

Directive friendly societies

Directive friendly societies must send:

  • annual accounts (these must be sent within 3 months of your financial year-end)

Non-directive friendly societies

Non-directive friendly societies must send:

  • a valuation return on long-term insurance business every year  (within 6 months of your financial year-end) – complete form FSC1
  • a valuation return every 3 years on long-term and general insurance business (within 6 months of your financial year-end) – complete form FSC2
  • a valuation return on general business every three years  (within 6 months of your financial year-end) – complete form FSC3
  • annual accounts

For further information, see the guide for friendly societies.

Where to send returns

You can send returns by:

Contact for friendly societies reporting