Resources for your society

Forms and useful information for those managing a mutual society.

Society forms

Find the forms you need to apply to for changes to your rules, name, address and other types of application.

Guide for new societies

Download this summary of information for newly registered societies.

Society secretaries

Information for society secretaries, and steps you can take.

Finding your registered documents

How to get information about your mutual society, including original registration documents, copies of rules and other registered documents.

Opening a bank account

We explain what a registered society is under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. You can download the leaflet and use it to help others understand your societies legal form, for example when opening bank accounts or applying for other financial services.

Guidance on the FCA’s registration function under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014

Our Guidance explains our policy and suggests some ways to comply with it. It also explains the current rights and responsibilities of societies under the Act. 

Community shares

Co-operative and community benefit societies can issue shares to the public to raise money to help run the society. But if you’re issuing shares, it’s important you understand the legal and regulatory requirements. Read our information for societies on community shares.

Data protection and information

The Information Commissioner’s Office provide useful resources for organisations.

Government help and support for your business

The Government provide a range of tools and guidance for businesses and further information about business support. Some support is specific to companies (mutual societies are not companies). But many of the resources will be useful for mutual societies.

Other help and support

We don’t provide individual advice or guidance or recommend specific organisations. If your society was set up through a sponsoring body, or you are a member of one, you may want to contact them for further information.

Finding an auditor

If your accounts need to be audited, you will need to appoint a qualified auditor. Registered auditors are registered by one of the following professional bodies:

You can use the Register of Statutory Auditors to check if someone is a statutory auditor.

Finding a lawyer

Find legal advice on any topic.

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