How to convert a mutual society into a company

Find out the steps you need to take to convert your society into a company. 

Pass a special resolution

If you want to convert your mutual society into a company you will need to write a special resolution and have it confirmed by your members. You can find out how to do this in our guidance.

Apply for a company to be set up

You should apply to Companies House for a company to be set up on conversion from a society. It is important to tell Companies House not to register the company until we have agreed a date with them. Societies cannot convert into an existing company.

You must do this before you apply to us to convert to a company.

Apply to convert to a company

You will need to send us a conversion to a company form. Along with this you must send us:

  • 3 copies of the special resolution - each copy must be headed with the name and registration number of the society, and signed by the society secretary and the chair of the second meeting that approved the resolution
  • a copy of the proposed memorandum and articles for the company
  • confirmation that the society has applied to Companies House to register a company and has told them that the application is coming from a converting society
  • a statutory declaration confirming that the resolution was passed in line with legislative requirements and society rules

When we have received the application, we will contact Companies House to agree a conversion date. If the application is complete and correct, we will acknowledge the registration of the resolution. Following that, we will confirm the cancellation of the society.