How to register for RegData

We are in the process of moving to a new data collection platform called RegData, which will replace Gabriel. Find out how to register.

As announced in March 2020 you need to complete a short activity in Gabriel that links your Gabriel account to your Connect account and enables you to have access to RegData once your firm has moved to the new system. If you do not have a Connect account you will be asked to set one up. Each Gabriel user will only need to do this once, before any of their firms move to RegData.

You will need to do this before your move to RegData, so please action this as soon as possible.

If you’re the Principal User for your firm, ensure other users are also registered by 6pm on the Friday before your firm’s planned moving date.

Step-by-step guide to register or check if you’re registered already

Step 1 – Log in to Gabriel using your usual Gabriel login credentials
Step 2 – Once in Gabriel you will be presented with 1 of these 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: You are not automatically prompted to link your Gabriel account to your Connect accounts:

  • This confirms you are a registered user on RegData. This could be either because you completed the steps required to register for RegData in the past or we have linked your Gabriel and Connect accounts on your behalf.
  • No further action is needed in this case and your user is set up to access RegData once your firm has been moved across from Gabriel.
  • Find out more about Accessing RegData in the relevant section on this page.

Scenario 2: You are automatically prompted to link your Gabriel and Connect accounts:

  • Follow Step 3 and Step 4 below and complete this process as soon as possible. The cut off for completing the process will be 6pm on the Friday immediately before your firm’s planned moving date.

Step 3 – Follow our user guide to link your Gabriel account to your Connect account (assuming you are faced with scenario 2 above and are automatically prompted to complete the linking process).

You can also follow the process in the video or in the instructions below:

FCA explains: New Data Collection Platform – Registering via Gabriel

FCA explainer video for firms demonstrating how to register for the FCA's new data collection platform via Gabriel.

After you’ve logged in to Gabriel using your Gabriel login details, you’ll see a new screen which will prompt you to complete the linking process and ask if you are an existing Connect user. (If you do not see this prompt in Gabriel, it means you’ve already completed the registration. Go back to Scenario 1 in Step 2 and make sure you’ve completed any further action.) 

If you don’t have a Connect account yet, you’ll be able to set up one through this process, even if you don’t need to use the Connect system. You’ll only need to enter some basic contact details via the following steps:

  1. Select Register and you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll need to register for Connect
  2. Enter your first name, surname, email address, phone number and the response to a security question, then select Submit
  3. You’ll see a confirmation message – select OK
  4. You’ll receive an email from us – follow the link and set up your Connect password and passcode

If you do have a Connect account, make sure you have your:

  • Connect username (the email address that you used to register with Connect)
  • Connect password
  • 6-digit Connect passcode (if you have one)

Then follow these steps:

  1. Select Login
  2. Enter your Connect username and password, then select Next
  3. Enter 3 digits from your passcode (some users may be asked to create a passcode at this point), then select Next
  4. You’ll see a confirmation message – select OK to complete the process

You’ll be asked to link your own, personal Connect and Gabriel accounts. Do not use anyone else’s Connect details for registration, such as those of your client if you’re a Compliance Consultant.

Step 4  You’ll be shown confirmation of registration once it is successfully complete. You’ll be automatically returned to Gabriel. If you are not redirected to Gabriel after 5 seconds, click OK.

Why we are asking you to do this

We’re simplifying how you will log in to FCA systems so that you can use the same login details for Connect and RegData. Once your firm is moved to RegData you’ll be able to log in to RegData using the same log in details as your Connect ones.

Accessing RegData after you’ve registered 

You should continue to log in to Gabriel using your existing Gabriel login details until we move you to the new platform. You will then access RegData using your Connect credentials. 

We will email you your moving date to the new data collection platform in good time in advance, so make sure your contact details on Gabriel are up to date.

If you are the Principal User of the firm, ensure any additional Firm Users that you may have set up also complete the registration in Gabriel by 6pm on the Friday immediately before your firm’s planned moving date, otherwise you will need to set them up as new users in RegData.

If you’re a Gabriel user who does not complete online submissions

Only online users of Gabriel (those that log into Gabriel to submit an online return, request a resubmission, undertake firm user administration etc), need to complete this registration process.

If you communicate with us directly or use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) instead of accessing Gabriel online, there is no need to register. We will let you know in good time before moving you to the new platform, outlining the onboarding process for these services, so that you're prepared.

If you need more help

Read our troubleshooting page.

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