FCA meets firms to discuss feedback on Gabriel and improvements to new data collection platform

Following the Gabriel user survey we launched in July 2019, we met with survey respondents who expressed interest in engaging with us on the new system. Firms across the UK participated in our roundtable events in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh to discuss their feedback on Gabriel - our current data collection system - which will be replaced by a new reporting platform.

Video: New data collection platform (2 minutes 39 seconds)

Watch to hear some of the firm comments.

Understanding your feedback

We held events in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh and explored how our proposed improvements to the new system would address the key feedback themes raised by Gabriel users in the survey.

The survey highlighted 3 key areas for improvement. The events provided an opportunity to discuss changes we will be making to: accessibility, notifications, the look and feel of the system, and automated saving of data.

We are building the new system in such a way that we will be able to make more frequent improvements after its launch, so that we can continue to respond to user feedback.

Moving to the new platform

During the events, we shared our proposal for moving over 120,000 users and data from over 52,000 firms to the new system and gathered views from attendees to help inform our plans.

We will communicate in good time before any action is required by firms and other Gabriel users to start using the new system.

Keeping the dialogue open

It is important to us that our plans for replacing Gabriel take user feedback into account. We will continue to communicate and involve firms and other Gabriel users in our plans for delivering and improving the new system for data collections.