Gabriel users share suggestions for our new data collection platform

Our online survey was completed by Gabriel users. The feedback will be used to improve the user experience.

Over 1,000 users and other Gabriel stakeholders shared their thoughts on the current system in our online survey. Their feedback will help shape how we develop the new platform, with some key changes reflecting the priorities they highlighted.

3 key areas for improvement

The feedback highlighted these key areas for improvements:

1. Accessing Gabriel – the feedback focused on the need for improvements to the speed of the system and support when accessing the system.

2.  Viewing your Gabriel reporting schedule – largely related to the need for changes in the layout of the schedules and in viewing previous data submissions.

3. Submitting data –  included the need for better guidance when making a data submission and advancements to the system’s data validation processes.

Changes we will make 

The new platform will allow us to fix issues quicker and sooner. 

We will also improve the support guidance to make it easier to know where to go for help. You will be able to see previous submissions made in Gabriel and we are exploring ways to improve validations.

Whilst we won’t be able to implement all planned improvements when the platform is first launched, a number of key changes will reflect the priorities highlighted in the survey.

Early changes to our platform will be technology focused, so initially there will be no change to the way firms currently provide data to us.

Next steps 

We will continue to use your feedback to make further improvements. 

There will be a further opportunity to those interested in working with us, to help design and test the new platform. 

Our survey is still open to feedback and we will continue to provide stakeholders with regular updates. We will contact you in good time before your firm moves to our new platform.