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Explore our resources for help with registration and how to use Connect.

Registering for Connect

Here are some useful tips for registering with Connect if you are already authorised:

  • Your date of birth must be inserted in the format: DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Where the application asks for your ‘NI Number or Passport No’ you must insert the one you provided us with during authorisation.
  • If you are a sole trader, your registration key was sent you in your authorisation letter.
  • Use our video guide to take you through the process.

If you would like to register on Connect visit our registration page. If you have lost your registration key please call us on 0300 500 0597.

Managing Connect users

Once you’ve registered for Connect, you should make sure that:

  • access to Connect is only given to staff that have authority to access and amend applications
  • appropriate access rights are given to your users for the functions they need on Connect
  • staff with permission to use Connect do so responsibly on their firm's behalf
  • user accounts are disabled when your users no longer need access to Connect
  • user details recorded on Connect are kept up to date. Most importantly, make sure that your email address is correct as this will be used by Connect to communicate with you

For more information see our user management guide.

Reassigning applications

You can share and collaborate with other registered Connect users by reassigning some Connect applications and forms:

  • New Authorisation Electronic Money Institution (AEMI)
  • New Authorisation Consumer Credit (Full & Limited permissions)
  • New Authorisation Home Finance
  • New Authorisation Retail
  • New Authorisation Retail and Consumer Credit
  • New Authorisation Small Electronic Money Institution (SEMI)
  • New Authorisation Authorised Payment Institution (API)
  • New Authorisation Small Payment Institution (SPI)
  • New Authorisation Registered account information service providers (RAISP)
  • New Authorisation Wholesale
  • Benchmark Administration Authorisation
  • Benchmark Administration Registration

See our user guide for more detail on how to reassign applications.

Connect Beta and Track My Application

With the implementation of Connect Beta you are now able to track the progress of your application. A guide explaining the functionality within Connect Beta and Track My Application can be found here.

Application/notification specific help

Within each Connect form there is help and guidance - this is either displayed on the form or through the help icon “?” shown at the end of certain questions.

If you are a firm wanting to use Connect to complete your application for Consumer Credit Authorisation please see preparing for authorisation.

Guidance notes 

The guidance notes and sample forms below are for both limited and full Consumer Credit applications. The samples are examples only and will not be accepted as an application.

The notes are different depending on whether you need limited or full permission.

Contact us

If you cannot find the information you need using the resources above you can call us on 0300 500 0597 or see other ways to contact us.

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