Pre-applications meetings for asset managers

Find out how to submit a request for a pre-application meeting and what to prepare before the meeting.

These meetings are designed to help applicants understand the authorisation process to increase the likelihood of submitting a complete application.

We conduct pre-application meetings every week, either at our office in Stratford (London), Edinburgh or over the phone. In any case, you need to book a meeting in advance with us. To do so, you will have to register on Connect, which is our online system to submit notifications and applications.

Find out how your firm can register on Connect

Once registered, an email will be sent to you. Click on the link and follow the instructions. You will find the pre-application meeting request on the bottom of the landing page.  

The online system should only be used by asset managers who plan to submit:

  • a new Part 4A authorisation application or
  • a Variation of Permission application to become authorised under UK MiFID, UK AIFMD, UK UCITS, or any other local regulations applicable to UK asset management firms

A pre-application meeting is not compulsory and we only recommend one if you believe that the meeting would significantly help you get specific support not ordinarily available to you from our website, Handbook, and other guidance materials. Whilst we try to accommodate all requests from firms that apply for a pre-application meeting, we might on occasions need to decline your request based on the:

  • volume of meeting requests
  • complexity of your application
  • availability of alternative guidance material on our website

We will respond to any pre-application requests within 5 working days.

To make the discussion useful, we ask all applicants to submit relevant documents at least 10 working days before the meeting. Upon reviewing your document, if we feel that you are too early in the application process, we might ask you to finalise and develop your application plan further and re-organise a pre application meeting closer to actual application submission.

We expect your firm to have decided your commercial business plan, organised crucial resources, and thought about the design of your policies, procedures, systems and controls before you submit the pre application meeting request. We expect that you should be in a position to submit your authorisation application within 3 months of your actual meeting with us.

Documents for the pre-application meeting

You need to submit the following documents at least 10 business days before the date of your meeting to [email protected]:

  • regulatory business plan
  • anticipated scope of permission
  • organisation structure chart
  • ownership structure chart with close links
  • financial projections and regulatory capital computations
  • list of controlled functions holder
  • any other document you believe would help the pre application meeting discussion

Please note, we require these documents irrespective of the type of chosen meeting (ie face to face or remotely).

Follow-up meetings

We try to provide an equal chance to every firm and would accordingly want to restrict each pre-application meeting to 1 session. However, we do recognise that in certain circumstances, owing to the nature of the application, 1 session might not be sufficient. In such situations, our preferred approach would be to organise a follow-up conference call with you after the initial pre-application meeting.

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