Request an FCA speaker

Use our formal process to request an FCA speaker at your event. We explain the steps to follow.

Our speaker request process is the formal channel for considering FCA’s external speaking engagements.

All speech requests must be submitted using the speaker request form – please do not contact individual FCA staff directly.  

Please submit the form two to six months before to the event. Any requests submitted less than 4 weeks from the event date are likely to be declined.

Please fill in the form as clearly and accurately as possible and include:

  • the subject of speech or panel you would like the speaker for
  • a copy of draft/final agenda
  • a list of confirmed speakers
  • a list of attendees/invitees

Our guidelines

Due to the high demand for FCA speakers, we cannot guarantee that the person you have requested will be available. However, if we see merit in FCA participation we will try to offer a suitable speaker for your event.

We review every request and consider the following:

  • how topical the event is to FCA work and priorities
  • availability of suitable speaker
  • the suitability of the audience
  • organiser – priority will be given to major UK trade associations events, although we are open to all requests
  • number of requested speakers - (we usually offer no more than one speaker for the event
  • location - the location impacts time and cost
  • the diversity and inclusivity of the event and speakers – we want to speak at events that are representative. We will decline panels where there is insufficient diversity or that are all male.

Diversity and inclusion in events

Diversity and inclusion are central to our approach, so we want to see that organisers have actively considered this in events we attend.

When considering the request, we will look at the steps that organisers have taken to ensure the diversity and inclusivity of their speakers, panel and the event as a whole. 

Please see further information on this for organisers.

Responding to your request

We aim to get a decision back to you as soon as possible. However, this process may take up to 3 weeks. Our Speaker Request Coordinator will contact you with our final decision.

After the event

It would be useful to receive feedback on the event and our speaker – both from your delegate feedback and your own comments. This will help us to continue to make improvements for future similar events.

More information

If you have any queries relating to speaker requests:

Diversity and inclusion in events – organiser information

Diversity and inclusion is one of our priorities. As a regulator, we want to shape a financial services industry that is more diverse and inclusive. We will take every opportunity to encourage diversity within financial services, that includes questioning where we feel events we are asked to speak at are not representative.

Why diversity matters 

We know that diversity and inclusion underpin healthy cultures in firms. For that reason, they’re important features of how we evaluate firm culture and conduct. Firms should be considering diversity as part of the work they do.

More information on diversity and inclusion and our role as a regulator can be found here.

Events set the tone for the industry, which is why we expect to see consideration given to diversity and inclusion in events we agree to speak at.

A diverse event has many benefits. People with different life experiences bring new thinking, and their experiences inspire new approaches to problem solving and decision making. Diversity of thought, when supported by an inclusive approach to diverse views, also enables participants to contribute fully. 

How we consider diversity and inclusion in events 

Anyone requesting an FCA speaker must complete a speaker request form. In this, we ask for further information on the diversity considerations given to planning the event.

When considering a request to provide a speaker, we want to understand the steps taken to ensure diversity at the event, including how organisers plan to have a diverse range of speakers and panellists. 

If panels or speaker lists do not appear to be inclusive, we want to understand why.
We also ask for more information on the steps taken to make sure event spaces are accessible and inclusive.

Organisers must use their own judgement when planning their events. We do not intend to prescribe a 'one size fits all' approach, but would like to see that diversity has been considered in the events we agree to speak at.

Because of our priorities, we may decline events where event organisers cannot show they have fully considered diversity and inclusion when planning the event or in the gender balance of panels we are invited to be part of.

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