Capital adequacy data items: FAQs

FSA003 - Capital Adequacy

Q: If my firm has not yet agreed an Individual Capital Guidance (ICG) with the FCA, should I leave data element 108A blank?

A: Banks and Building Societies:

The FCA's view is that Banks and Building Societies should use their interim ICG until a final ICG is agreed. Whilst the FCA has not written to each bank and building society with an individual figure, we provided a formula which would enable them to calculate this figure. Banks and building societies were asked to confirm to the appropriate regulator what the result of this calculation was. If this has not been done and/or a final figure has not been agreed, they should use the formula to calculate their ICG in the interim.

Investment Firms:

In the case of investment firms, if an ICG has not been agreed they should leave data element 108A blank.

FSA044 - Analysis of Assets and Deposits Maturity

Q: How frequently should FSA044 be submitted on a UK consolidation group basis? The rules suggest half yearly but CP07/17 suggested it would be required quarterly.

A: The intention is that this will be collected quarterly at a UK consolidation group level, and that was not changed as a result of the consultation. The Handbook will be amended to reflect that.