Gabriel is our online system for collecting and storing regulatory data from firms.

Gabriel is now available again

There was a physical hardware incident at a supplier's data centre on Friday; we put in place our recovery arrangements and they have operated as planned.

The majority of our systems are now operating again. If you have any questions, for example about data submissions carried out on Friday, please contact us.

We will minimise any further disruption over the coming days as we complete the testing and updating of systems.

You can:

  • view a tailored schedule of your reporting requirements, based on your regulated activities and accounting reference date
  • view all your Gabriel submissions in one place
  • print data items

There are a number of ways to submit regulatory data - see submission methods.

Log in / register

The link below will take you to Gabriel's 'welcome' page. From here you can proceed to the log-in screen.

Log in to Gabriel

If your firm is new to Gabriel, you will have to register a principal user. To do this you will need either:

  • the registration key/unique identifier and Firm Reference Number which can be found in your authorisation email, or Welcome Pack (this only applies if you do not have an Approved Person).
  • an Approved Person who holds a ‘significant influence functions’: CF 1,3,4,5,6,8,9, 10; SMF 1-8, 16-19, 21, 22; SIMF 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 20, 22, 23

If you haven't been sent a registration key or your firm doesn't have a person holding one of the significant influence functions, please contact us.

After registering, the appointed principal user will receive an activation email which contains a verification link.

Register for Gabriel access

Latest news

The Data definitions pages have been updated following the May release – please see the DRG Change Log v35 for further information.

Operating hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 5pm

Gabriel will be available from 7am during our current peak period.

Support is provided by the contact centre, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, except Bank Holidays.