Changing firm details or registration data

Find out how to amend your firm's details or let us know if you're cancelling your registration.

Use a notification form to request changes

Firms are required to ensure that the data we hold about them is current and correct.

If your firm is a Credit Rating Agency (CRA), you may wish to:

  • apply for new exemption under Article 6(3) of the CRA Regulations
  • apply to remove an exemption granted by us under Article 6(3) of the CRA Regulations
  • notify us of your request to rate additional asset classes
  • change your firm's details
  • change your firm's members of senior management
  • request to cancel your registration or certification as a CRA

To make any of these changes, please complete a notification form and email it to [email protected].

If you're cancelling your registration

Before applying to cancel your firm's registration, you must let our CRA Supervision team know that you intend to stop issuing ratings.

Please email [email protected] and tell us:

  • how many outstanding ratings you will have on the date of cancellation
  • the impact on users of your ratings
  • whether you envisage a timeframe for users of your ratings to find alternative arrangements

It is essential that you meet these conditions – otherwise we may not grant your application to cancel.