Our Approach to Supervision

Our Approach to Supervision
Consultation closed
Our Approach to Supervision (final)
Winter 2018
Winter 2018

Supervision is the ongoing oversight of firms and individuals to reduce actual and potential harm to consumers and markets.

Our Approach to Supervision (PDF)

To supervise effectively, we need a thorough understanding of the business models, culture and drivers of behaviour within the firms we regulate. 

In our Approach to Supervision we highlight that we’re looking to be more forward-looking and pre-emptive approach in our engagement with firms. We have a pro-active intelligence-driven and data-led approach, and we take prompt and incisive action once harm has been identified.

This publication is the next in the series of documents that we committed to in Our Mission, providing transparency to our activities and explaining our approach in more depth. 

Next steps

We published our Approach to Supervision for consultation in March.

The consultation period has now ended and the final document will be published in the winter and will include a number of small changes as well as a broader feedback statement taking into account the responses received.

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